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summer M-F 9-5 
winter M-F 10-close 
Sat appointment only

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Let us help you find the right image for you,
maintain your favorite style,
kick in a little color or try something dramatic!

We can custom tailor your style or give you a new look.

The salon staff is top-notch with years of experience for all ages. 

Indulge in Redken or Joico
full color, bicolor,
tricolor, quadcolor, color repairs
and punk colors

razor or traditional precision cuts,
flat or curling iron,
blow-dry styling or roller sets

Free Consultations Available

Men are welcome -
try our clipper cuts, blow dry,
high and tights, custom long hair styles and traditional
barber cuts

Wedding and formal
elegance styles

We do fun and funky!

Perms for short, medium
or long hair, spiral, curly
or body wave